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  • July 24, 2017

    Average use by corn was 2.42 inches.
    Projected use by corn for this week is 2.53 inches.

    Average use by potatoes was 1.87 inches.
    Projected use by potatoes for this week is 1.38 inches.

    Average use by soy beans was 2.42 inches.
    Projected use by soy beans for this week is 2.07 inches.

    Average use by dry beans was 1.20 inches.
    Projected use by dry beans for this week is 1.91 inches.

    Average use by sugar beets was 2.00 inches.
    Projected use by sugar beets for this week is 2.09 inches.

    Average use by sunflowers was .22 inches.
    Projected use by sunflowers for this week is 2.30 inches.

    Average use by mature alfalfa was 2.2 inches.
    Projected use by mature alfalfa for this week is 2.3 inches.

    Average use by lawns was 2.4 inches.
    Projected use by lawns for this week is 2.2 inches.

    The average ET gage reading was 2.2 inches.

    The average rain fall across the district was .1-2 inch.
              According to date collected by

    Weather forecasts for next week show continued hot temperatures, however, a slight cool down in the middle of the week and a forecast of possible rain might help with water use. 

    In the last week soil moisture monitoring station 1 showed 65% water available at 12”, 60% water available at 24”, and 65% water available at 36”.  The producer did irrigate.  Remember this is in a Sandy Loam soil type with Corn planted and will vary depending on site specific; weather, irrigation management, topography, management practices, crop, and soil type. 

    In the last week soil moisture monitoring station 2 was unable to report 

    The crop water use report is completed using the average growth stage for each crop and ET gage reading from across the district. To find the conversion your specific crop growth stage visit

    For more information or to inquire about ET gages or soil moisture monitoring equipment, please contact Nevin Price at the Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District at 308.432.6190 or visit our website at  We are committed to helping Nebraskans conserve and protect groundwater.






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